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The world's most-photographed dog died of cancer

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

A lucky canine who began her life in an animal shelter and went on to become the world's most-photographed dog with celebrities has died of cancer.

Lucky Diamond, a 15-year-old Maltese, passed away in her New York City home with her owner, celebrity animal activist and TV personality Wendy Diamond, by her side.

"I rescued Lucky but in retrospect Lucky rescued me and gave me the greatest gift - a purpose in life," Diamond told in an email.

Diamond rescued Lucky from an animal shelter in 1999 and was then inspired to found the Animal Fair charity to help other homeless pets. As the face of Animal Fair for over a decade, Lucky became a celebrity in her own right, especially after Diamond began photographing the dog with the A-list stars she ran into at red carpet events. The photos, cataloged in the " Who Got Lucky?" column on the charity's website, earned Lucky a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Animal Most Photographed with Celebrities," with more than 360 photo of everyone from Betty White to Barbara Walters.

Lucky was diagnosed with spleen cancer in and given just three months to a year to live. The pup did have some remission, thanks to a refined diet and care from one of the top animal oncologists in the world.

Because Lucky's particular type of cancer had only a 5 percent survival rate, and she later passed. Our goal at is to help future famous canines avoid this tragic and debilitating disease. Let’s close the book on cancer forever.

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